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Altes Haus Auf der Ruhr retuschiert.jpg

Buildt in 1892 by the local carpenters family named "Wildenberg" the house was more than half a century home to the owners family. The family must have been financially well off back then, because the house was elected much bigger than the tiny ones surrounding it. Also in the 1920s another building was added to the right of the original house, stating their humble wealth in the small village. For economical reasons the houses share an outside wall.

After world war II the downstairs area was re-used as a corner shop. 

From about 1980 until 2010 the local pharmacy resided there.

Fortunately for us the house was in a state of desolation after being almost 120 years old and only having been "repaired"  in penurious ways over the years.

After able to buy the house we started to renovate it from the core in  2011, re-purposing lots of old wooden installations such as stairs or windows. We incorporated antique materials we bought from all over Germany, Belgium and France and finally had the house in 2014 looking as it must have had in 1892.

Unfortunately there is only one photo which was taken before the two great wars. Other pictures were given to us by the ancestors of the Wildenberg family, who had already sold the house to the previous owners in 1980.

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